Bidaai 22nd September 2010 Written Update

Vinu is driving back home, he feels a bit tipsy and it\’s raining
heavily as well due to which he is finding it difficult to drive. He is over
speeding, malti keeps calling him. Vinu is annoyed by her calls, he goes to
pick up the call, when he runs someone over, vinu drives off. (It\’s a hit and
run case ek aur musibat! I\’m sure it must be sakshi\’s new game) Ragini is in the kitchen cooking sakshi walks
over and says “I\’ll make matar paneer.\’ (wow she was pretty calm here.)

Ragini gets a call from malti, sakshi gets tensed. Ragini
says “what happened bhabi? Why are you in the hospital?” Malti says “I need to
speak with you urgently. Are you at home right now?” Ragini said \’yes I am.” Malti
hangs up, Ragini is shocked to see sakshi\’s finger is cut and she didn\’t even
realise it. Ragini takes her finger and says “what are you thinking? And why
are you so pale?” Sakshi says “no nothing\’it\’s just a small cut.” Ragini rushes
to get the ice and applies it on her finger. Sakshi gets a call and leaves to
attend. Ragini just watched her go. Vinu is tensed, he checks if his car\’s damaged.

Sakshi and guddi are setting flowers in the vase, Malti
walks in and asks guddi to call ragini. Sakshi tries to say something to
sakshi, but malti isn\’t willing to listen. She brought a copy of sakshi\’s
report. Sakshi says “hear me out first.” Vasu walks in and asks what malti is
doing here so late. Malti was about to tell vasu, but sakshi interrupts by
saying “have you had dinner? Please have some dinner with us.\’ Malti says “I am
not here to do dinner, I need to speak to Ragini. The thing is\’\’ Sakshi
interrupts again saying “you please sit, while I go and get some tea for you.”
Sakshi accidently drops water on Vasu. Vasu leaves to change. Malti says “You
are the biggest liar I\’ve ever met. Ragini was always right. You aren\’t as
innocent as you look.” Ragini walks down the stairs, sakshi says “your husband
had an accident. He ran over a guy\’if you say anything then I\’ll put your
husband behind the bars.” Malti gets scared. Ragini asks malti if she\’s fine.
Malti makes an excuse of water, ragini leaves to get water. Malti says “if you
say anything against my husband I won\’t spare you. You liar. I am going to
expose you today!” Sakshi says \’I know you would say this, but this time I have
proof.” Malti is shocked to see the video of vinu\’s accident. Sakshi says “let\’s
have a deal. If you won\’t tell anything about me to anyone, then your husband
is safe. If your quiet the I am quiet. Yes that guy is alive, he\’s in hospital.”
Malti feels like beating sakshi. “Look if you want to save your family then you will remain quiet.” Ragini
comes there with water and asks malti why is she so pale. Malti says “I am too
tire and I am not feeling well these days.” Ragini asks what she wanted to tell
her. Malti says “it was about being a mom.” Vasu says “who\’s going to be a
mother?” sakshi says “malti bhabi is pregnant.” Ragini says \’really?” Malti
says “no” Ragini says “then whose pregnancy are you talking about?” malti says \’mine.\’
Vasu says “but you just said you\’re not pregnant.” Malti says \’that\’s the
problem. I thought I was pregnant, but when I had gone to the doctor she told
me it was gas.” (it turned out to be a funny conversation right there. typical Malti!)

Vasu says \’it\’s okay\’often people make such mistakes.” Malti is about to leave, ragini asks her to
stay. But malti says she has to go as it\’s late. Ragini says that the driver will
drop her. Malti leaves. AnGini in their room. (haaye anmol looking hot in black finally a new kurta…looks like the CT\’s are stalking out AT ) Ragini is tensed; anmol says “what happened ragini? You\’re
looking tensed.\’ Ragini says \’I get that malti bhabi had mistakened to be
pregnant, but I don\’t get that why would she come here to say that she is not
pregnant?” anmol says \’Ragini, malti bhabi told you that she\’ll meet you,
perhaps that\’s why she came here.” Ragini says \’but I don\’t get why she would
come here to say that she isn\’t pregnant. I felt she wanted to say something but
she didn\’t.” Anmol says \’Ragini due to the past situation have got us to
suspect a bit too much these days.” Ragini says “you may be right.” Anmol says “it\’s
time for you to rest\’I\’ll leave.” Ragini says “I\’ll rest when I will come to
know what\’s going on jija ji\’s mind. Why wouldn\’t he meet khushi when he
forgave her?” anmol says \’Ragini you got bhaiya to come to the function, now
there is nothing to worry about.”

Vinu is discussing the accident with malti. He feels
ashamed. Malti tells him not to feel guilty and to forget that this had ever
happened. Vinu says “I can\’t. this is like a burden on me. I will go to the
police and confess. Then let them do whatever they want to.” Malti begs him not
to do this and that guy would be fine. She says \’you remember what happened
with ranvir. If you go to jail then what will happen to us? Think about kavya. He
really needs you.\’ Kavya comes there and says that he got so scared, and tells
vinu to come to school tomorrow as it\’s father\’s day. Vinu says “I will come
for sure.” Kavya gets happy, vinu is tensed.

It\’s morning. TaShi are ready for school. AnGini arrive. Khushi
asks about aalekh. Ragini says that he wil come for sure. Tammy says “but look
at the time, we\’ll be late.” Anmol says he will go and get aalekh. Ragini holds
anmol\’s hand and says that he will come, but himself. They are waiting for
aalekh. It\’s getting late. Khushi tells tammy to go, but tammy says she wouldn\’t
go without her. Aalekh comes down the stairs. (he\’s wearing the same clothes as
he wore when he found out about saadhna\’s pregnancy.) Ragini gets happy seeing
aalekh, so do TaShi. Khushi hugs ragini.

Teacher welcomes the children and their fathers. Tammy is
holding on to anmol\’s hand, khushi feels sad. She holds aalekh\’s hand, but
aalekh moves her hand away. The teacher tells the importance of a father and
their responisbilty. Aalekh says “I too will be like this. I will be
responsible towards my daughter. Will be strict but will fulfill her needs.” Aalekh
was imagining himself saying this. The teacher thanks all the fathers and
informs them about the activity they have to do.

Anmol and vinu are making it together with their kids. Aalekh
is a bit disturbed. He\’s trying his best to make it alone. Anmol sees this and
assists khushi. But aalekh says “you leave it I\’ll do it myself.” Anmol goes
back again to help tammy. Aalekh sees that anmol and vinu are almost done, and
leaves in anger. (Gosh aalekh, everything can\’t be done alone…make it along with khushi.)

Precap: ragini is
trying to explain to aalekh. But he says “No Ragini, if I stay with khushi then
he life will be ruined.”

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