Bidaai 23rd September 2010 Written Update

I am back again with today\’s episode

I saw that ash missed my singing so much yesterday that I decided to sing a song for her today

“Tujh Mein Rabb dikhta Hai, Yaara Main Kya karoon?

Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Main Kya Karoon?”

Lol don\’t get excited ash…it was a song dedicated to Ragini from anmol

Okie now talking about the it goes

It begins with aalekh walking out that door in anger. Ragini who happened to be waiting outside the
room sees aalekh and asks if everything is fine. Aalekh says \’nothing is right.
Everything is going wrong. Everything! You come with me.” Aalekh takes her to
the room and shows the globe that anmol and tammy made and the one he and
khushi made. Aalekh says “we had to make our own world…this is our
world..comepletly wreckless.” Ragini was about to say something but aalekh says
“NO…you will not say anything\’this happened because of you. You wanted to show
the world how bad I am as a father, you wanted to tell the world that I am not
normal.” Ragini is hurt by his words. (gosh aalekh don\’t say this please\’you
know it\’s not true.) anmol tries to say something but aalekh says \’no tammy ke
papa…all fathers work hard for their kids, take good care of their children. But
what have I done for khushi? Nothing but watched cartoons and played board
games. I am so bad.\’ Ragini says “no it\’s not true you are her friend.” Aalekh says
\’no I don\’t want to be her friend I want to be her father like tammy ke papa. I
don\’t want khushi to be abnormal like me, therefore I decided to go away from her
life.” Ragini is shocked. Aalekh walks out in anger. Anmol consoles ragini.
(awww he has his hands on her shoulder.)

Aalekh is walking in the rajvansh house in anger. Sakshi thinks that something is wrong and she
needs to find out. She asks aalekh where is everyone. Aalekh says “I have left
them there. Everything is messed up. This ragini…she kept insisting me that\’s
why…” sakshi says “this ragini didi really likes to interefere in other\’s
personal life. She knows you want to be a good father but still…” aalekh says “enough..Don\’t
you dare say anything about Ragini. If you say anything against her I\’ll throw
you out of the house. I know ragini is nice. I feel her goodness, but you are
so bad that you can\’t feel anyone\’s goodness. You are here only because of my
mom, if you say anything about Ragini then I will not tolerate it. Ragini is my
saadhna\’s sister. She is family while you are an outsider. STUPID!\’ he walks
off in anger(wohooo go aalekh ji…show sakshi her actual place! YOU ROCK!)

Kavya shows the prize they got at school for making the best globe. Mama ji asks about khushi and
tammy. Kavya tells mama ji everything that happened at school. Vinu sends kavya
to his room, and tells mama ji about aalekh being angry on khushi. Mama ji
tells him that ragini is trying and she will tolerate everything even if it\’s
aalekh\’s anger. I am proud of my daughter that she is fulfilling her
responsibility while there are some people in the world who are a disgrace.” Vinu
says \’why what happened?” mama ji tells about the hit and run case in the
newspaper and tells vinu to drive carefully.

AnGini arrive home all quiet…anmol plans to take a day off from the office. Ragini says \’did you say
something?” anmol says “I said I\’ll not go to the office today.” Ragini asks him
for not going. Anmol says “because you\’re really upset and I fell you may need
someone by your side, so I\’ll stay.” Ragini says “you don\’t worry about me, I\’ll
be fine.” Anmol says “it\’s good we sent the kids to their friend\’s house, atleast
they will be over this. I\’ll just go and get my bag.”

Malti calls sakshi and asks about that man vinu ran over. Sakshi is fully rubbing it in and says
that the man is very serious. Malti wants to meet him. Sakshi is laughing and
says “he\’s in the hospital ofcourse…unless you want to see him in the morgue.”
Malti offers to pay for his expenses and all. Kavya keeps calling out to malti,
so she had to leave.

Kavya and mama ji are eating, malti\’s phone rings. Mama ji says why is sakshi calling you?” Malti
says “I don\’t know let me see.” Malti answers the phone and sakshi says “you
can meet that man in the empiral hospital.” Malti says “ofcourse.” Mama ji asks
about sakshi, malti makes an excuse of sakshi wanting a treat because kavya
won. Malti walks off leaving mama ji thinking.

Aalekh is walking back and fro in his room. Ragini comes there and says “jija ji.” Aalekh apologises
for being rude with her at school and he was wrong. Ragini says “I didn\’t mind
at all.” Aalekh says \’I know you won\’t mind what I say, and you can\’t be angry
on me.” Ragini says “you are right. But I want you to accept khushi and
behave like you once did with her.” Aalekh
says “I won\’t go. Don\’t force me to meet her. Please. You\’re under khushi\’s
oath, you will not stop me.” Aalekh walks off, leaving ragini in a dilemma.

Aalekh is leaving when vasu walks in asking if he was going somewhere. Aalekh says “I am going to
the mandir.” Vasu says \’so sudden?” aalekh says “is there a problem? Can\’t I go?”
vasu says “no that\’s not it.” Aalekh looks at ragini and then leaves for
mandir. Ragini was about to go follow him, sakshi walks in with water and says “I
heard aalekh ji is gone to mandir, I see you are worried about him. But don\’t
worry I may not be able to go with him but I can follow him. This was I can
fulfill my duty as a wife.” Sakshi leaves. Vasu praises sakshi.

Sakshi is following aalekh\’s car..she follows him at some distance and then tells the auto to turn
right. Malti is at the hospital, sakshi arrives there. Mali says she was
eagerly waiting for her. Sakshi takes malti to that man\’s ward. He is fully
bandaged (this is totally planned by sakshi.) sakshi says “luckily my friend
was there and she thought to record it. But she saw the driver that it was vinu
and then she thought of not handing this video over to the police and now I am
taking advantage of this.” (What? Record it? How did she manage to get two
different shots of that accident so quickly? Especially the top shot. I
she got that shot ) she is freaking malti out. (the man is AJAY! Gosh his
face isn\’t revaled but you can tell from those eyes that it\’s ajay) sakhi introduces ajay to malti and that she will pay
for the expenses. Ajay says \’I will not spare the person who did this to me…as
soon as I get out of here I will file a complaint against him.” Sakshi says \’forget
this revenge. Right now take care of yourself, so you can earn for your family.
Don\’t worry I\’ll take care of everything.” Malti leaves,, followed by sakshi. Sakshi
says “the thing is that this man owns me, he\’ll do just as I say. But ti will
only be decided when you agree with me.” Malti says \’what do you want? I did
what you want.” Sakshi says \’1stly you will not tell anyone about my pregnancy,
and 2ndly you will praise me in front of vasu.” Malti says “you can make me
lie, but how can you hide this truth? In a few months your stomach will show,
what will you do?” sakshi says “I have a plan for that you don\’t need to worry,
you just follow my plan.” Malti leaves, screen freezes on sakshi

Precap: sakshi thanks ajay for helping her out on the last minute and tells him how ragini tried to talk bad about tarun and how he
tries to leave me and etc. ajay says “what if I say that she may be speaking
the truth then?” sakshi looks at him

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