Bidaai 24th September 2010 Written Update

It begins with aalekh walking on the streets, looking at parents with their kids when he sees a board of a job vacancy for a waiter. He applies for the job. The manager asks him about his qualification. Aalekh says that he knows everything about the ice cream and you don\’t need to serves ice cream with your brain. He asks for experience, and then remembers himself serving ice cream to khushi and tamanna. And he says “yes I have served ice cream but not in a parlor like this. Please I have a small daughter and I need to earn money for her. I will do a very good job.” The waiter insists him to give him a job. And the manager says “okay but I will decide your salary once I see the way you work.” Aalekh thanks the manager.
Sakshi removes ajay\’s bandages off and thanks him for helping her. Ajaya says “I can do anything to help you. It was good that he was drunk therefore he will not go to police.” Sakshi says “If it was possible I would\’ve sent the entire Rajvansh family to jail, so they can feel the same feel my tarun is feeling.” Ajay tells her to forget everything and move on, but sakshi says “No my life has always been with Tarun. I will do anything to take revenge from Ragini. She tried to wash my brain against tarun, she said that tarun tried to run away. What does she think of herself that she will say anything and I\’d listen to it.” Ajay says “well what if I say that she may be right, then?” sakshi looks at him in anger. “No no I was just saying it like that.” Sakshi says “even if you do say something like this then I wouldn\’t believe you either, because I have full faith on my love. And that love gives me strength to fight against the Rajvansh, but for that I need to get a control on aalekh first.
Aalekh is all ready in his waiter clothes (he is looking very adorable, rather HOT ) the waiter explains him his job, he first helps him set the table. The waiter tells him that he is working for his daughter rupa aswell and asks aalekh the name of his daughter and aalekh says “it\’s khushi.” The waiter says “there you just set the table for your khushi.” Aalekh sets another table himself for khushi, the manager sees it and isn\’t really impressed, he asks the waiter whom set the table, the waiter says “he\’ll do it.” The manager asks about aalekh, and the waiter points to him. He was taking the orders. The kids are really confusing him with the order. They keep changing their minds (gosh haven\’t the kids ever heard of being patient? He can only take one order per person, but these kids were like literally attacking him with their orders. Poor aalekh ) aalekh is confused but gives the other guy a wrong order.
TaShi arrive home, ragini asks if they enjoyed with their friends. Tammana says “we did enjoy but…” khushi asks for aalekh. ragini says that he\’s gone to the mandir, and tires to change the topic by saying that you guys haven\’t had something eat properly, so let\’s have something eat. Tammy goes to change while khushi holds ragini back and apologises to her. Ragini hugs her and asks why she is sorry. Khushi says “it\’s because of me that dad yelled at you.” Ragini says “it isn\’t because of you, he was angry on me and therefore he scolded me, but you know he said sorry to me later. Sometimes we hurt the person we love, but if we apologies to them later than everything is okay. I know that papa has forgiven you, but he\’s just being a little strict on you. You just concentrate on your studies and everything will be fine.” Ragini makes khushi smile.
Aalekh serves the order and the children complaint about the wrong order. Aalekh says “Sorry I\’ll bring another one.” The man with the kids gets angry on aalekh and insists to leave. The manager asks if there is a problem and the man says “you have such dumb waiters working in your parlor, who\’ll come here? Let\’s go kids” the manager insists on bringing another order, but they leave. The manager says “you couldn\’t even take one order, is this a way to work? I\’m sorry but this is not your cup of tea so please leave.”
Ragini tells tammy to study and prepare for tomorrow\’s exam. Khushi says “maasi ma can I study aswell?” ragini says “don\’t you think it will be hard for you as you hadn\’t gone to school for a while.” Khushi says that she\’ll manage if tammy helps. Kavya arrives there with malti. Ragini says “this kid never concentrates on his study, therefore I brought him here. At least he\’ll study here.” Ragini says guni will help them out. Guni says “yes, but kavya no playing only studying.” Guni takes the kids to the room. Ragini tells malti to wait and she\’ll just be back. Sakshi comes there and says “wow you\’re here.” Malti says “I am here for you to praise you in front of vasu. But I don\’t think she\’s at home.” Sakshi says she\’ll go freshen up. Malti follows her to the room and finds her phone on the bed and manages to delete the MMS, and leaves. Malti says “I\’ll expose her now.” Ragini comes there with tea. Sakshi says “bhabi you hand\’t had tea yet?” ragini says “sakshi you\’re back? Where\’s jija ji?” malti says “she didn\’t o to mandir, I\’ll tell you where she was.” Sakshi says “bhabi if you tell didi where I was then you will be exposed.\’ Malti says “what? Why will I be exposed? I am here to expose someone today.” Sakshi says “but what will you say to ragini did that what you were doing in that market.” Malti says “what?” sakshi says \’yes, remember I dropped my phone and you thought that it may have stopped working, but it\’s all fine and I have a copy of everything on my phone so if something does get deleted then it can be found. I\’ve backed up all my work.” Malti gets tensed again. “ragini did must be wondering that you must be hiding something. Let me tell her. Didi bhaiya just got promoted. Ragini says “you never told me, this is such a good news.” Malti says “I haven\’t got the time to tell.” Sakshi fakes a surprise party. Malti thinks that this sakshi can come with such plans so easily. Malti excuses herself. Ragini asks about sakshi. Sakshi says “isn\’t he back home?” ragini says “isn\’t back home? What do you mean? You were with him right?” sakshi says I followed him to a signal then I kind of lost the track. I went to look for him at the mandir too but he wasn\’t there.I also checked the market, but he wasn\’t there either.” Ragini wonders where he could be. Sakshi says “perhaps he wants to be alone. I\’ll just check on khushi.” Ragini calls the driver immediately and the driver says he\’s waiting for him since morning. Ragini is worried.
Kavya is going on with his entertainment. (so much for studying.) khushi says “I\’m going to another room to study.” Khushi leaves, kavya pretends to study when he hears malti\’s footsteps. Malti says “I hope everyone is studying.” Kavya says “yes we all are studying.” Malti leaves and sakshi arrives there. She threatens her to simply listen to her or else she\’ll be in a lot of trouble.
Ragini is about to leave to search for aalekh, just then he arrives. Ragini says “jija ji you took a lot fo time, were you still in the mandir? Have you had lunch? Aalekh says he\’s tired and he needs to sleep. Ragini says “why are you going away from us? I want everything to be like before. Thank god you are back but why are you lying to me?” guddi is about to give milk, aalekh purposely drops the milk that was in guddi\’s hand. Aalekh yells the same thing the manager said to him and fires her from work. Guddi and ragini are shocked. Ragini says “she didn\’t do it purpose.” Aalekh says “she did the damage. You leave. You\’re fired.” Guddi begs ragini to not to take her job. Ragini says “you\’re not fired, he\’s just angry and no one just fires anyone in anger. You just clean this mess up.” Aalekh is listening to this, ragini looks at aalekh and he just leaves. Screen freezes on ragini.
Precap: khushi kisses aalekh who was pretending to sleep.

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