Bidaai 27th September 2010 Written Update

Kaushi and mamaji congratulate Vinu. Malti also came. Kaushi\’s friends also came and congratulate Vinu and says they are proud of him. Malti: see Vinuji, what we did was right. Mom and dad are really proud of u. I\’ve already met that man and he\’s fine and u don\’t need to apologise, I\’ll handle everything, u don\’t worry. Malti prays: god, please forgive me 4 lying to my vinuji, u know I don\’t wanna hurt him but please us aadmi ko jaldi se theek kardo.

It\’s 4 o\’clock, Saakshi got up early and thinks to get ready and go in Alekh\’s room as when Ragi or Vasu will see her coming out of his room, they will think she was in his room the whole night. She went in Alekh\’s room (he\’s sleeping). Saakshi: after 30 minutes everyone will awake and I\’ll succeed in my plan and this time Malti bhabhi will help me. She went to bed next Alekh. Alekh wakes up and saw Saakshi there and asks for khushi. Alekh yells at her why she came here and told her to get out of there. Ragi, Vasu and Anmol came and Alekh asks Vasu to get her out of the house. Vasu: how can I do that?

Alekh: u can\’t then I\’ll do it. Ragi stops him saying it\’s not right, as she\’s also a family member now.

Alekh: why are u telling that to me, tell her na, she always comes in my room and disturbs me. Mama, tell her not to disturb me. Alekh went and Vasu: Alekhhh Saakshi: don\’t say anything to him, one day he will accept me. But I want u to be with me always, I\’ll try my best as Sadi di did. Vasu: I\’m always there.

Tammy and Khushi have excams today so Ragi gives Tammy dahi and sugar. Khushi went to alekh (he pretends to sleep) and says it\’s her exams today. Khushi: friend, won\’t u wish me good luck. She kisses him on his cheek and says I love u, she went. Alekh: all the best Khushi. Khushi came and Tammy asked if Alekh wished her, she says no as he was sleeping. Anmol: dads always gives their kids best wishes from the bottom of their hearts. Ragi just wanted to give Khushi dahi but Saakshi came with Vasu and gives Khushi dahi, Khushi looks at Ragi and Vasu: khushi, take the dahi from ur mom.. Anmol and the kids went. Saakshi looks at Ragi and smiles.

Alekh going to mandir. Ragi: ur sure na, ur going to mandir? Alekh: yess.

Exams are going on. Kavya asks Khushi a answer and Khushi turns and told him the answer and got caught. Teacher: Khushi, what is this? R u cheating? Khushi says she\’s not but still the teacher isn\’t believing her. Tammy got up and says she knows Khushi very well and Khushi isn\’t like that. Teacher: So u wanna say, Kayva is cheating. Both are quit, teacher told tammy to concentrate her on her exam and she took Khushi to the principal.

Alekh came to frozen delight (Ragi follows him). The manager: u came again, I\’ve already fired u na. Alekh: but u should give me one last chance. Manager asks him to leave. Ragi went to the table and looks what Alekh is doing. Alekh writes “one more chance please” on a blanc paper.

Khushi at the principal\’s office. She asks Khushi why she was looking at Kavya? Khushi doesn\’t say anything. Principal asks the teacher to call her parents.

Precap: Saakshi: Khushi u cheated on ur exams na, so u\’ll get punishment now.

(Alekh was also there) Khushi went to him and says she didn\’t cheat. Saakshi locked her up in a dark room.

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