Bidaai 28th September 2010 Written Update

*)Alekh finally convinces the owner to give him second chance & says that he should work hard & Ragini is Happy seeing that & says she will not tell anyone untill he is ready to tell

*)Alekh Takes & Servers the order of an customer correctly & even wears jokers nose & hat & makes her Happy & gives him 100 RS Tips & both Alekh & owner both are Happy

*) Ragini,Vasu & Sakshi are sitting in the hall & They get a call from the school & sakshi picks up & says she is Khushi\’s Mother & Ragini wanted to speak but Sakshi did\’nt allow her & after Hanging up she says that Khushi was caught cheating & Principal has called them ,Ragini tells Khushi can\’t do that & sakshi says she was not well & did\’nt prepare well na & Alekh hears that & asks Ragini what is this happening & sakshi says they have to go to the school & Vasu says No need for Alekh to go & Ragini says she will also come

*)@ the school Khushi confesses that she cheated & sakshi says she was not well Na & that stupid teacher opened her mouth & says Ragini that she had warned her what can happen with khushi & Alekh remembers that & they say it will not be repeated & sakshi takes Khushi & Alekh with her

*)Sakshi instigates Vasu that this happened because of Ragini\’s over Love & Care & asks her permission so that she can be little strict &she can teach Khushi a lesson & Vasu Agrees

*)Tammy & Ragini discuss that Khushi can\’t cheat & Tammy tells her hoe Kavya was playing & khushi went into another room & Ragini asks her if Tammy saw anything & Tammy says No & Ragini asks if she spoke with Khushi & Kavya she says NO & Ragini says she will make them fresh food & feed both Tashi

*)Ragini & Tammy come to sharma house & ragini very sweetly asks Kavya to tell her the truth & kavya says khushi was turning Back again & again & don\’t know what she really wanted & malti comes into his defence & asks if this questioning important as Kavya is trying to save Khushi & Ragini says to Kavya that he saw how Khushi was Insulted today & asks him to say the truth & malti again comes into his defence & Sharmaji says it is better that Kavya tell the truth now & be good Rather than br proved wrong Latter

*)Sakshi is taking Khushi with her along with Alekh & is scolding her & is opening the door of the dark store room & khushi asks Alekh to help her & hugs him & Sakshi tells Alekh is with her as he wants to be good Father & Pulls her into the room & puts her inside the room & she puts the handle & says she will bring the lock & Khushi is Calling Ragini for help & Alekh is not able bear her crying.

Precap: Ragini & Tammy come back & her searching Khushi & guddi tells them that Sakshi & Alekh have locked her Up in the store room

sorry guys for the late update as i had to type twice as my update got deleted just before i was finishing & had to type again

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