Mera Naam Karegi Roshan 28th September 2010 Written Update

I see the updater has not put up an update, so I will do it…no probs..

The show continues to be so stupid….we see Bhisham talking on the phone about Yag and how happy she is that Jallan is helping her being nice to her. Bhisham hears this and he storms into where the minister and Jallan are sitting and gets angry about Reet and Yag and thinks they are helping Reet.
Reet walks by the room and hears them talking about how they are trying to help Bhisham…Aunty tries to get their attention so they know that Reet is at the door. She becomes sweet again and tells Reet things are okay and so Reet walks off happy.
This girl is so naive….WE all know Jallan is the wicked witch…even her face shows it.
Moving on we see Jasoda calling the man who helped Yag with the bomb thing. She finds out that he has turned again Kuwar and her. He tells her he will do whatever she wants just to get into her good graces…what a two faced liar…meanwhile the belly button lady hears the conversation behind the curtain….after Jasoda leaves then the belly lady tells him he is wrong for what he is doing and listening the Jasoda…the second wicked witch……Jasoda wants him to kill someone, but will tell him later.

This is the best part….Bhisham wants to have a romantic dinner with Reet on the terrace upstairs under the moonlight. She is not so happy..she looks like she is going to vomit..but she agrees.

Next both are outside on the terrace with many candles lit and dinner on the table. Both of them light a candle eat. Bhisham shows the first dish and wants her to eat it…more like he wants to feed her to be romantic…she does not want that….so she tells him to go and get some air freshner… he is surprised and asks why they are outside…Reet says it will be more romantic….the dumb one listens and goes inside…. Must be the night air affecting his brain…

While Bhisham is gone Yag comes out of no where and makes the romantic dinner for them. Yag says not to waste it so he starts to feed Reet the food and they are having a romantic time.

A few minutes later Bhisham comes out and see them. He is angry and asks what is happening. He is angry with Yag for feeding and being with Reet. He grabs his collar. Another funny part…Reet tells Bhisham there is no Yag there, that he is imagining things….that is so funny. She tries to laugh it off and Bhisham becomes confused and starts to believe her. How stupid…She reminds him of the time when she was dancing by herself and he was wondering what happened to her. She was dreaming at that time and she tells him he is dreaming right now that Yag is not there…..for once she has a sense of humor and is somewhat witty….

That is it….okay show…a few funny parts…..this entire thing with Bhisham, Yag, and Reet is getting to be too much….


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