Bidaai 29th September 2010 Written Update

Ragini asks Kavaya to say how will he feel as a brother is khushi is hurt,so kavya says i was scared bua ji I was scared not to go to boarding school,he explained how his dad had threatened him about boarding school so I asked khushi,but she was refusing as it was wrong.So mamji goes on to say he is proud of kaviya who spoke truth.So everyone hugs him and he did hold his ears….(it was so cute).
Mamji asks Kavya to apologize in front of whole school.He agrees and Ragini thanks god.
Ragini and Tammmy come home and try to look for khushi ,ragini goes to look for khushi in Alekh\’s room and she was not in sakshi\’s room either, a distressed guddi tells ragini that she has been taken to store room
Ragini comes there to a heartbroken and broken khushi, she runs to her,
Sakshi says I am allowed to be strict with khushi and Ragini stops Sakshi,Sakshi was stunned…
Alekh is upset and says softly but Ragini …
Ragini says jeejaji its enough, i wont tolerate any one giving pain to my child,let this be very clear
She goes on to say Sadhna gave my little girl to me,she is part of my heart ever since she was born, I Can tolerate anything but not this….i will not tolerate tears in my child\’s eyes…understood,she goes on to say is that clear…(amazing voice modulation here,excellent expressions by parul)
Alekh is crying,Sakshi is stunned and Ragini takes Khushi away.
Vasu asks what happened ,Sakshi says Ragini is being intruptive as she was trying to be bit strict with khushi. Ragini interrupted saying my child was being locked in dark store room.Vasu for a change was shocked at such distressing punishment,she yells at sakshi
Sakshi quickly does her drama and says she learned in anath ashram, i was not brought up in good way like ragini was.
Sakshi does drama again ,Ragini stops her by saying khushi has had enough so please leave her alone.
Khushi interrupts saying it was my fault only as i did cheating,Sakshi is surprised , Ragini says why are you so nice, you don\’t have to sacrifice for others.Alekh is surprised he asks what is kurbani.
Ragini says our khushi did not cheat ,kavya told cheating was being done by kavya.Jijaji she is Sadhna\’s daughter after all how could she do this.Vasu is regretting this.She says we should have trusted Khushi.Sakshi starts crying drama again but vasu kind of looked sarcastic.
Alekh gets so upset and runs from there…..
He goes sin his room and locks it from inside .He remembers Khushi begging him to open the door. Ragini bangs his door,he is broken and says i wont open the door, i punished khushi in wrong.
Ragini says please open the door for khushi.
he is sitting in front of door and crying you trusted her even though you are not her mom and i am her father,i still couldn\’t trust.then he goes on to say I need to do something important.Ragini comes to window, and alekh says i stayed away from khushi for her sake alekh rants i need to get away from khushis life ,he is throwing things and then he sees a scissors.Ragini is shocked and he picks up scisiors..
He says i did grave injustice to khushi and this is my punishment
ragini is panicking and asking him to open
Anmol come home looking dashing stunning
Anmol tries too but no luck, he says he will go from washroom window.Even vasu and Sakshi come there .he is frustrated saying i cant Even kill myself as he doesn\’t know how to use scissors.
Anmol goes to terrace ,vasu begs please stop as Even i am at fault so please…
They beg him while anmol is on terrace now.
Iwas dreaming haila kya scene mila
He breaks a vase and tries to use that to kill himself.
Anmol reaches window and Alekh says i am sorry ragini but i need to do this
Mr bond comes in ,while alekh says tell khushi i love her: ragini says please let me bring her; but alekh says \’ no and gets ready to breaks the vase finally
he is ready to cut his veins but anmol comes and holds his hand..
what are you doing bro(he said bhai)
(voice modulation by apu there was too good am in swarglok…sorry go t carried away so ….)
alekh yells leave from here and and in this whole process anmol gets hurt
alekh says leave…
Anmol holds alekhs face and says please forgive me for my
mistake alekh says no u r so nice i shouldn\’t be angry with you
please take care of my khushi too(both looked so sweet)
so anmol says lets do a deal alekh even i feel i am not good enough,even i feel we should both go from their lives and leave all responsibility on ragini .both ragini and vasu r in disbelief, he says everything office,house kids parents everyone..alekh is stunned
tomorow..Anmol continued saying lets both leave ….and starts counting ragini and vasu r in disbelief,sakshi looks confused
p.s my comments thanks god i am updating such dhamakedaar episode
awesome performance Ragini in defending khushi
Alekh in distress
Anmol and alekh in last scene
Anmol looked super duper hot with his white shirt out of pants ….
apu u rock but along with u angad u rock..and parul u rock..
such powerful performance not to forget khushi sulagna and of course seema kapoor..
looks like track is picking up..we might see some very good end scenes..
p.s anju tomorrow agar anmol hurt and ragini caring scene hua then i update OK
sanju thank you and thanks to ur laptop\’s mother board too

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