Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des 29th September 2010 Written Update

Today\’s epi starts with Rasal defending Rukmani. Rasal goes to check and finds that Rukmani is no longer there. Padma comes and asks why everyone looks upset? Deep answers back there is only one problem in this house – Rukmani and she has run away without saying telling anything to anyone. Padma is shocked and refutes Deep. She tells them that she has taken Rukmani to her room and since she hasn\’t had anything to eat, she was just taking milk for her. Everyone seems shocked. Chancal scolds Padma for bringing Rukmani inside the house. Deep\’s dad [ Don\’t know his name] comments on what has happened to the values in this haveli? Why has everyone forgotten how to follow orders? Padma goes and asks him for forgiveness but tells him there is another value followed at the haveli which is to help anyone in need. Rukmani has a child growing inside her and my heart did not allow me to leave her outside in such state and that\’s the reason why I sent her to my room to rest. And asks him to please forgive me if this action of mine has hurt you.

Massa praises Padma for what she did and asks her not to ask for forgiveness from anyone as she only upheld the values of this haveli. Chancal tells Padma to not take the “characterless Rukmani\’s” side and tells her to go to her room quietly. Padma leaves and so does chancal after giving a “look” to Rasal.

On the other end Deep is pissed at his men for not being able to abduct Rukmani. They tell him they couldn\’t do anything as Padma reached Rukmani before they could and they go into flashback mode of Padma and Rukmani\’s convo

Rukman is in her room and thinking back to the day she had gotten married and came to the haveli with Ranvir and then their suhaag raat when he had found out the truth about her face and then she thinks about the day he forced himself on her and when she finally left the house with Ashu. She is still in her “lost” mode when Rasal comes there and brings fruits for Rukmani Rasal tries to console Rukmani and tells her not to worry as everything will work out fine. Rukmani retorts back there are fights in Rasal\’s house because of her so how is she supposed to believe everything will work out? She tells her that she can\’t stand seeing her and Ranvir fighting their family for her. She asks to be let go of as she cannot see this taking place in front of her eyes. The only reason she came there was so that she could save both her child and father\’s life but she cannot do that by destroying Rasal & Ranvir\’s life. Rasal tells her not to worry as they will both find a way and tells Rukmani to eat and rest. Rukmani reminds her that father must be waiting for their phone call.

Rasal calls up to talk to Madan Singh and tells him everything is fine and he shouldn\’t worry. He asks her why they didn\’t call earlier? He was getting worried. Rasal gives the phone to Rukmani and she tells Madan Singh she is fine and he shouldn\’t worry about her. She reminds him to take his medication on time. Rukmani talks to gheesu and tells him to take care of their father and he assures her that he will so that she won\’t have to leave the haveli and come there. He tells her to stay at the haveli as Rasal will take good care of her and he will miss her loads but he won\’t cry because if he cries then she will also cry which he doesn\’t want

Deep on the other hand is thinking about what he should do to remove Rukmani from their life for forever while Mamasa is also there. Chancal tells them they don\’t have to do anything as they shouldn\’t be doing something which will later on backfire on them. Mamasa tells her how can they just sit? He tells about their earlier plan they had made to abduct Rukmani which backfired and chancal puts them down. She tells them both to listen to her and simply wait and watch as things will go exactly as they wish for them.

Rasal on the other hand is asking Ranvir to do something to get tayasa to agree with them to keep Rukmani at the haveli. Ranvir tells her he has tried everything and he has given them only options. Either take back Rukmani to the village by morning or they [Rasasl & RAnvir] should also leave the haveli along with Rukmani. Rasal asks him what he is going to do now? Ranvir asks her to not expect him to leave his family for Rukmani. It was her who had committed the mistake and I am not going to fight with my family for her mistakes. He tells Rasal that everything he did up until now is because he loves Rasal a lot but he also loves his family as much as he loves Rasal and I cannot do anything more. He\’s done all that he could for Rukmani but he is now helpless. He tells her that they will drop Rukmani back at the village tom and that is final and asks her to go to sleep as it is already too late.

Rasal thinks about how she can\’t leave Rukmani in a lurch and says what she was planning to do tom will have to be done today. She asks for forgiveness from god for what she is about to do but says she has no other choice.

It\’s morning time and Ranvir wakes up to the sounds of Rasal vomiting. She comes out of the washroom and Ranvir asks her what happened? He is really worried about her when Rasal runs back inside the washroom to “vomit” and he calls up the doc. She comes back and stops him from calling and tells him that he will have to listen to her for the next 9 months. So basically she tells him she is “pregnant” even though she really isn\’t Ranvir gets overjoyed and tells her loves her and hugs her He asks if she is 100% sure or should they get it checked out from the doctor? She tells him she knows what it feels like to be a mother as she can very well feel it inside her. Ranvir runs off to give the news to the whole family and Rasal once again asks for forgiveness from god for lying

Everyone is gathered in the family room and debating on when Ranvir is going to take away Rukmani. Chanchal asks the “manhoos” to be thrown out ASAP when massa comes there with Ranbir & Rasal in tow and tells them Rukmani isn\’t “manhoos”. She talks about how she is extremely lucky for the family as she has brought good news with her. Tayasa asks for what massasa is talking about and massa tells everyone that Rasal is going to be a mother. Deep-Chanchal-Mamasa are shocked out of their wits Rukmani looks on in pity and tayasa gets really happy

Episode Ends.


Rukmani thanking Ranvir for accepting her child while Rasal looks from the blacony worried.

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