Bidaai 30th September 2010 Written Update

Very bad Girls Ragini did\’nt remember even once that Anmol was Hurt

*)Episodes with Anmol Taking the Glass piece & Givivng it to Alekh & he says let us Both Die together & he asks Ragini to take care of everyone & says he will count till 3
& Starts Counting 1 ,2 & 3 & was about to cut his hands when Alekh stops him & throws the piece away & shouts at him & says what was he doing,did\’nt he think what will happen to Ragini,Tammy & says is it how responsible Papa behaves(Anmol is smiling & Ragini,vasu are relieved) & Alekh holds his hands & Anmol says he has got Cut but Alekh Ignores & brings him out.

Ragini,sakshi & Vasu come there & Vasu asks sakshi to go from there & Vasu says Thank God you are alright & says what would have happened if & she stops there & points her hand towards Anmol & Anmol says he should Thank Alekh as he learnt very important lesson today & says we should never leave People we love & care as they will be sad if we leave them & we should not make them sad but make them Happy & vasu leaves from there telling she will call the doctor.Ragini says Tammy ke papa was sad as Alekh was not friends with him & Alekh says he should not be sad & Hugs him & Ragini Thanks God that he heard her prayers & now Tammy ke Papa & Anmol are friends Again & asks now Alekh & Khushi should be friends Again

*)Vasu calls Doctor & asks him to send Nurse & Sakshi comes there & asks how Alekh is & says she will make everything alright & Vasu says it is not good if she goes near Alekh as he is going through different emotional Level & sakshi was about to faint & vasu makes her sit & gives her Water & sakshi thinks she can\’t faint front of Vasu & tells her she was too much worried about
Alekh & Khushi very Much & she can\’t bear seeing Blood & she asks Vasu what was she telling about Alekh & she says she can sleep with Khushi as she did\’nt feel bad about her being strict with her & she goes from there,sakshi thinks she can\’t do this Good mama acting & she should go into Alekh\’s Room at any cost

*)Ragini was dressing Alekh Hand & Anmol was standing there & Ragini says it is good that he is friends with Anmol again & she wants him to be friends with someone & Alekh says he understands what she wants to say & he says he has hurt Khushi very much & she says khushi wants only his Love & says she will not force him this time & asks him to listen to his heart has god recides in everybody & leaves from there
sakshi is bringing milk for Khushi & she meets Ragini & asks her sarcastically if everyone is Safe & Ragini says yes her Family is safe & happy together & sakshi asks her really & what about Khushi & Ragini says she is her daughter & sakshi says she is talking about Tammy Na & Ragini says no about her daughter Khushi & sakhsi says but her name is not there in her birth certificate & Ragini says she does\’nt need anyones certificate to prove her love for khushi
& says it is not important in answering her questions & Sakshi says exactly even she does\’nt want to answer her any querries & says Khushi is sleeping with her & Mummyji & Khushi does\’nt mind that & Ragini asks her why is she doing this & sakshi says REVENGE ,Sweet revenge & says she will go & give milk to her certificate daughter

*)Sakshi gives Milk to Khushi but she says she does\’nt want that & sakshi says OK & Khushi asks if she can sleep with Tammy ,sakshi asks her why are there thorn on this bed & she says she will call that Angry Hungry Witch & Khushi says she will sleep her & she asks if she can say good night Kiss to Masi MAA & sakshi gets Angry & says if she wanted Tammy,Masi MAA & Alekh then why did dhe want NAYI MAMA & khushi says Because Tammy & she stops there & says Nothing & sakshi insists her to tell & says she will call Angry Hungry Witch & give Tammy to her & Khushi says Tammy did\’nt want to share MASI MAA with her so she wanted NAYI MAMA & sakshi tells her to stay away from Ragini then & asks her to praise her in fron of everyone

*)Alekh is sleeping & in his dreams he is sitting Happily with Khushi & Talking with her & then he sees that teacher who is saying see Tammy & Kavya are in 10 th standard & see where is khushi lagging behind & the Ice cream owner is saying he can\’t give job to her daughter & then sakshi is telling him she told him to stay away from Khushi ,see he destroyed her life & Alekh gets up shouting & is again confused & crying

*) next day Angini & Tashi are in the hall & Ragini tells khushi everything will be alright when she comes back from school & she says Alekh is sleeping now & Khushi gives her a kiss & sakshi comes there & says she will pick her back from school & Ragini says but today she will bring them & Khushi cuts her & says Yes sakshi should come & Ragini is shocked & So is Anmol & sakshi gives her Kiss & says she loves her & Anmol says it\’s time to go & they leave.
Ragini asks her what did she say to Khushi as whatever she said was not out of Love & sakshi smiles & she says Why can\’t she bear Alekh,Vasu & Khushi loves her soooo much & Ragini says she would be happy but she does\’nt deserve their Love & sakshi asks Ragini not to come B/w her & Khushi

*) @ school some girl says as she got 90 % her mother will give her friends Ice cream Party & she calls some friends & says Tammy can come But Khushi can\’t come as she cheated & tammy defends khushi & teacher comes there with Kavya & he Apologises to khushi front of everyone & Hugs her & Teacher Aslo asks Sorry & tammy makes That girl to say sorry to khushi & says she can come but Tammy says no they will not come with people who are mean.sakshi takes Hammer & some tools & breaks the handle lock of Alekh\’s room & says now he can\’t lock the room
& says it is matter of one single night & says after that he can die & she does\’nt mind that

Precap : Tashi & her friends are there @ the ice cream parlour where Alekh works & Alekh comes there to Take order & her friends says your Dad works here & Khushi turns around & sees Alekh

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