Ram Milayi Jodi 30th September 2010 Written Update


Episode starts with the revealing of the character Adhesh. Mona waves to Adhesh and goes to him and talks to him. Seeing this, Anukalp feels really bad and he quietly goes into his house.


When he enters into the house Karan sweetie\’s bro says hi to him but Anukalp does not reply and quietly enters into his room. Then Karan goes into and invites Anukalp for the function tonight which is done before marriage. But Anukalp denies to come saying he has a headache.Karan goes away saying him to take rest. Then Anukalp thinks about the Guy with whom Mona was talking and so he gets upset about it.


One of the lady says that wao what a beautiful joda, other says why it will not be beautiful sweetie\’s mama brought it. Then another group of ladies start discussing, one lady says why are they praising so much for Joda, find out have they given something or not to the son\’s family. The other women says that is not my work that is Kalawati\’s work. So the first lady calls Kalawati and gives money to know the truth. Kalawati takes the money and says that she doesn\’t know much but there is some problem and sweetie\’s mom and mona\’s parent were secretly discussing something. The ladies says isn\’t there any problem stood by Sweetie\’s dad again that time son\’s parents were really angry. Just then sweetie along with Mona comes.

Sweetie\’s function starts and everyone is dancing. Then ladies ask for Mona and so her mom is upset. Mona goes to Anukalp\’s room and finds him asleep. So she knocks the door but he is still asleep, she continues to knock several times and then after that he wakes up. Then Mona gives the letter to him and says to read. Anukalp says that what is this. Mona says that first read. He reads the letter and says it\’s a letter. Mona says not just a letter but a love letter. So why are you making me read, says Anukalp. Because I need your help, says mona. Mine? Says Anukalp. Ya have\’nt you read he will give his life. You have to help me in bringing this guy at home tomorrow how or when I\’ll tell you, says Mona. Why will I help you, you thing I have gone crazy on you, do you thing I\’m one of those guys who dances on fingers of girls like you, no I\’m not. I recognize girls like you very well infact I have understood what type of girl you are.*Silence* What are you saying these daning on fingers and all, cries Mona. Anukalp melts and says I dun know how I said those. how could you think about me like that, says Mona. I did\’nt meant it says Anukalp. Don\’t try to talk to me ever says Mona and goes away .
The function starts Mona\’s parents sung song for each other. Then sweetie\’s dad sung song for her mom. Then comes Mona and Anukalp follows her in. Sweetie scolds Mona for coming late and says boys are winning do something. Mona sung song telling how sad she is and Anukalp trys to say sorry through singing songs. Then Mona starts crying while she was singing. Anukalp felt bad and then he tries to say sorry by holding his ears and the Mona atlast gives a sweet smile.


Haldi rasam starts, Mona\’s mom calls her as she was on phone. Haldi has come from Sweetie\’s fiance\’s house says her mom. Mona\’s mom says the haldi was applied on parmeet and then it has come, the colour of parmeet\’s haldi will be spread on Sweetie. Kalawati comes and says haldi will work if she will get the shagun first and that too Rs. 5001 with Sari. Mona\’s mom says it\’s a first marrainge in their house she will get a lot from them. The haldi rasam starts and everyone is so happy. Then Anukalp enters. Mona\’s dad says where are you going in between the ladies come with us. Then Karan calls him to help with the string of flower. Then some girls come to tease karan. Then karan shoos them away. Karan warns anukalp to stay away from these girls. You are here and I was waiting for you, says Mona. I was finding you only says Anukalp. Come with me, do as I explained you yesterday, says Mona. Anukalp says how will I do infront of so many people. So what, no body will eat you by god you are na stupid ,says Mona. Okay listen after haldi I\’ll take sweetie didi for changing , that time our work should be done. Sweetie didi why? Says Anukalp. What why sweetie didi you are na stupid,says Mona. What if we are caught, so many ppl are here, if anyone caughts us then, says anukalp. We have to take risk for love and all, says Mona. One girl calls mona, mona says nothing will happen without her, you remember na sweetie didi\’s room where we have taken her and jiju and remember we have to take risk for love. Anukalp thinks something then smiles and says, this is good you love someone and I take the risk,okay. Then Mona goes and tells to sweetie in her ears, planning is done and he will meet you in your room. Sweetie shouts WHAT and everyone is staring at her.
PRECAP: Sweetie is in shaadi ka joda. Mona says Barat has come. Sweetie says what. Mona\’s mom says them to open the door. And then four of them are blank- Sweetie, Adhesh, Mona and Anukalp.

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