Bidaai 4th October 2010 Written Update

Kaushi brought Halwa for mamaji and mamaji says u made this because Alekh and Khushi are together now again. Kaushi: yess, I didn\’t wanted to hurt them. Mamaji: it\’s ok now, everything is fine now. Kaushi: I\’m very proud of Ragi, she\’s just like u, she always stands by the truth.

The red file fell and Ragi found a letter. It says:

My sweet wife, then she imagines Anmol saying to come and meet him somewhere alone as he wants to share his feelings with her. (sjow sweet). Just then Anmol came and she hides the letter.

Saakshi brought milk for Alekh (he was painting). Saakshi: I\’m very happy, u and Khushi are friends now, we thought Khushi is doing wrong but now we know the truth. Now we have to support her so that we can live as a happy family. She wanted to touch him but he pushes her and she fell. After dinner Anmol asks for his file, he said there\’s a important letter in it.

Alekh helps her to get up and says sorry as he didn\’t wanted to push her. Ans asks why she came there? Saakshi: I\’m ur wife. Alekh: did u forgot what the priest said, this wedding is incomplete. Ur not my wife, Sadi is. She has the right to live in this room and the right on me. She didn\’t wanted to go but he drags her out of the room and closes the door. But she came again and this time Alekh drags her in the balcony and closes the door.

Ragi in the garden waiting for Anmol and thinks why Anmol called her there. Anmol went in the kids room and saw them sleeping, he was looking for Ragi. He then saw her in the garden and went to her. He went to her and asks what she\’s doing there. Ragi: u wanted to tell me something? Anmol: I don\’t get it? When did I said that? Ragi: in ur letter, I found it in ur file and then she gave it to him. He reads and smiles and says: my manager had a fight with his wife and I helped him but it\’s not complete yet, but u thought it was for u? Ragi: I think it\’s gonna rain, she wanted to go but Anmol stops her.

It\’s raining and Anmol imagines him dancing with Ragi on the song imtihaan. Ragi calls him and he came to reality.

Vasu: why u didn\’t wanted to call us the doctor, (she had the report). U didn\’t wanted us to know about ur pregnancy, right?

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