Aahat – Season 4 4th October 2010 Written Update

Its starts with:A spirits coming out from the mirror..the spirit goes back inside the mirror as he sees gautam coming out from wash room…gautam is in deep thinking he heard some sounds n follow it..he sees from the door lock sanjid walking from inside sanjid also looks @ the lock..gauatam still looking in the room he sees sanjid is no there he gets in deep so just then sanjid looks back with his possesd eye n smiles..gautam gets scared e runs away from there aryan points out the gun @ gautam..aryan asks gautam what he\’s doing here??gautam says he heard some strange voices he just came across by the sound..aryan doubts gautam but,gautam acts smartly n says that he didnt slept from days it might his illusion..gautam questions aryan what he\’s doing here??aryan gave some excuses..gautam leaves..aryan went to sanjid\’s room n says i hope my cook is fine, just then he find the room is empty..he searches for sanjid he sees sanjid is laying on the floor fainted..he comes out n walks he looks back n sees karishma standing with intense look..gautam tells vivaan he saw sanjid inside the room..he tells sanjid is possesed..vivaan gets shocked..vivaan asks gautam that what he think is there more members are in the house or no??gauta says yes i doubt that there are more members n im very doubtfull about aryan..vivaan says yea we wont believe either aryan nor tanna…gautam says i have a plan in my mind…tanna goes to her room n find the lights are off..she says just some mins before she switched on the lights how it turned off??she finds the candles n lid on it,she looks backs n gets scared as she sees bobby..tanna says what is she doing here??bobby is scared n tells her that i somehow helped myself n get it out from that room if i dont leave taht room the spirit was going to kill me..bobby please\’s tanna to let her stay in her room..tanna agreed..vivaan n gautam tells the truth to roshni about sanjid..she\’s shocked but both tells her that we should not show we know their truth..roshni agreed..all leaves when roshni leaves they shown some blood footsteps getting in roshni\’s room…@ breakfast table:tanna is thinking something just then the trios enters n joing the table..tanna says to all,she wants to tell something to them..gautan gets curious just then aryan enters n joins them…gautam untie his watch to go out from the table he made excuse but aryan didnt let him go..just then vivaan makes some excuses n went…
Then he went to his room.Then he heard some human\’s crying sound but cant find anyone
he started searching everywhere.Then he saw a girl sitting and crying when he went closer
and she started crying.Saying “they will kill me”.@ dinning hall -Aryan say\’s-I think u all are trying
to make me fool.Gautam runs in search of Vivan .Karishma also tries to go but he dint let her go.
and a ghost comes and hits Vivan and he fells down.And he go\’s to Bobby but he runs to the room and Vivan gets up again and tries to hit him.In other side Roshni and gautham was searching for Vivan.Then they heard Vivan\’s crying sound and went to see. Then they saw him with blood he was dead.Then he go\’s to kill boby ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The end

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