Bidaai 7th October 2010 Written Update

It begins with Ragini calling out to sakshi. She says “God knows what spell have you casted on my kids, see these two aren\’t tired of praising you. Even back at home they were praising you. Tammy says she wants to sleep here with you and khushi. She is very stubborn, she isn\’t listening to me.” Tammy says “khushi\’s mum please tell me a new story.” Ragini sees sakshi looking at the glasses of milk and says “is that for jija ji? Let me take it.” Sakshi says “no no i\’ll take it later.” Tammy says that she loves hot chocolate and requests her to make some. Sakshi leaves to get some hot chocolate. Khushi asks tammy to leave. Tammy says “there is nothing to be scared of.” Ragini says “your sister is here to hep you. I\’ll go now.” Tammy hugs khushi, she sees the spoon on the table and she places it in the other glass ( I\’d laugh if sakshi ends up drinking the hot chocolate made for aalekh ) Sakshi comes there with hot chocolate for TaShi. Tammy asks sakshi to drink her hot chocolate aswell. Sakshi sees the glass with the spoon and wonders that the glass would be aalekh and she ends up drinking the mil with sleeping pills
Anmol is sitting in the room making hm self comfortable…ragini comes there with laddoos. Anmol smiles and says “how did you know i felt like having laddoos today?” ragini laughs and says “these laddoos came from ma bauji\’s place, coz bhabi is pregnant.” Anmol says “well then i\’m going to eat all these laddoos.” Anmol remembers that his hands are dirty as he was removing his shoes, but he couldn\’t wait to eat those laddoos either.” Ragini feeds anmol, he congratulates her and asks if bhabi was happy. Ragini says “she was happy, but yet she was anxious..bhabi usually never hides anything. Today she seemed to be very scared. I don\’t really understand what\’s happening. I think i should ask her doctor. I\’ll just be back.” Ragini leaves.
Aalekh is trying to sneak out I guess, he sees ragini coming to his way, so he hides behind the sofa assuming ragini didn\’t see him, but when he turns around he finds her standing there behind him Ragini says “what\’s happening?” Aalekh shakes his head. “you know a cat always closes her eyes when drinking their milk assuming no one seeing them. But where are you heading at this hour?” Aalekh says “i am going on a walk.” Aalekh\’s phone rings. “jija ji? Are you going to the parlour?” aalekh says “what parlour?” ragini says “ice cream parlour. Where you work.” Aalekh says “you know?” ragini says “yes, i saw you there the other day. But don\’t worry i won\’t tell anyone. This job means a lot to you.” Aalekh answers the phone and says “i\’ll be there.” Aalekh tells ragini that he will be back as the machines aren\’t working. Ragini asks if she should send tammy ke papa along with him. Aalekh says “no i\’ll go myself.” Ragini tells him to go. Aalekh says “Ragini you are very nice. Bye.” Aalekh leaves all happy.
Sakshi is telling TaShi stories, she is feeling very sleepy, so she dozes off to sleep tammy says “your new mom fell asleep before us. Looks like she doesn\’t like telling stories.” Tammy kisses sakshi to sleep. Ragini manages to place pillows on aalekh\’s bed, so they would assume that it\’s aalekh sleeping. aalekh waves good bye to ragini from the car.
Sakshi wakes up and realises that it\’s 6 am and wonders how fast asleep she was. Sakshi sneaks into aalekh\’s room. And talks to herself that now she can prove that this kid is aalekh\’s. He is mental so he wouldn\’t have a clue (i am sorry i just found her lines hilarious) sakshi slowly walks towards the bed and manages to sneak into his bed. She hears Vasu call out to guddi. Sakshi messes her hair up and opens the door. Vasu sees sakshi walk out of aalekh\’s room. Sakshi says “sorry i woke up late, the thing is that i slept really late at night.” Vasu looks at aalekh\’s room. Sakshi says “aalekh is sleeping.” vasu says \’thank god. Sakshi did aalekh accept you his wife?” sakshi smiles and takes her blessings and says “I have got what i wanted with your blessings.”
Ragini wakes TaShi up and asks them if they slept well. Ragini says “let me get you ready, and then i too have to go.” Tammy says “mamma you go, khushi\’s mom will get us ready.” Ragini wishes tammy all the best. Sakshi asks them to quickly shower, while she makes breakfast. Khushi asks tammy that why she wants to get ready from CM? Tammy hugs khushi as she says “becaus ei love you very much.”
Ragini is in the hospital to meet malti\’s dr. She asks about malti\’s pregnancy. The dr clarifies that malti isn\’t pregnant. Ragini is shocked. “when she came last time she too felt that she was pregnant, but she was suffering from a gas problem.” Ragini than has a flashback of malti mentioning the same thing. Ragini excuses herself.
Anmol is getting ready to leave for office, he gets ragini call. Ragini narrates him the whole situation. Ragini says “that report is someone elses.” Anmol says “talk to bhabi. Make her show the reason. We must know.” Ragini says “i\’ll call bhabi, but if she hiding something from us then why would she tell us now?” anmol says “then how will we find out?” Ragini says “i know a way.” She hangs up and calls vinu.
Sakshi is doing khushi\’s hair, khushi is in pain. Tammy thinks “let my turns come, then i\’ll tell you.” Tammy says “I was plaits.” Sakshi says “no you have short hair.” Tammy says “no i want plaits, that too tightly.” Sakshi is doing her plaits, tammy is continuously complaining. Sakhi loses her cool. Tammy says “are you scolding me?” sakshi calms down and says “no i am no shouting at you. I am just…” sakshi has morning sickness, so she runs for the bathroom. Tammy quickly does her hair. Khushi asks tammy that why she was wasting sakshi\’s time when she never does plaits. Tammy again says “because i love you.”
Vinu comes to meet ragini, he is happy about malti being pregnant, but he notices that ragini is tensed. Ragini says “I need to speak to you about bhabi.” She narrates the whole issue to vinu. Vinu says “you know malti…but i\’ll find out what\’s in her mind.” Ragini says \’as long as it\’s not serious.” Vinu says “you don\’t worry, i\’ll do something.”
Precap: vinu brings malti for a check up.

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