Bidaai 13th October 2010 Written Update

well after watching such hot hot kinshuk in CCBM *drools* i am here with the update…well guys i am quite hyper as of now…so don\’t mind my mistakes and ignore my comments if i make some and no I am not drunk it\’s kinny\’s name that I am high on

let me start the update before i start boring you all

Malti is tidying up the room, while vinu is getting ready for work, he tells her to rest in such condition. And asks her if she needs something, malti nods no, he assures her not to worry about the party as he\’ll arrange everything. He thanks her for the happiness and leaves for work. Malti feels bad.

Sakshi is cooking when she gets malti\’s call and malti says that she can\’t do this drama no more. Vinu realises that he left his phone back in the room and he runs to get it. Sakshi tells malti that she is already enough annoyed for the day and she doesn\’t want any more problems. Malti says “it\’s intolerable now, i don\’t care what happens. My husband and family are thinking that i am pregnant and that there will be another kid in this house, but that\’s not true. It\’s enough I can\’t lie to my family no more. I don\’t lie, but one day i have to let everyone know that i am not pregnant.” Vinu over hears the conversation.

Vinu wonders why the doctor told him that she was pregnant. He drops the pen on purpose to get malti\’s attention. Malti is shocked. Vinu acts all normal and pretends he didn\’t hear anything. He grabs his phone and leaves. Vinu is talking to himself and wonders why malti lied about this and it looks as if malti herself isn\’t happy doing this, then why is she doing all this? Vinu tries to call ragini but her number is out of reach, vinu decides to handle this matter himself and will let Ragini know about this some other time. He leaves for office. (well atleast vinu ji ins\’t angry on malti for doing this as he knows that she isn\’t doing this on purpose and that there is a reason behind it. Haaye so understanding na? )

Sakshi comes to TaShi\’s room and tells them that Ragini has gone out and they are under her care until she returns. Tammy gets excited, khushi looks on at her. Tammy says “why are you looking at me like that? Your new mom isn\’t as strict as my mom, now we can have fun full on.” Sakshi smiles. Tammy is deciding what to wear; she throws all the clothes on her bed and takes out clothes for her and khushi. Tammy asks sakshi to iron them. Tammy goes to the bathroom and comes out in a second (gosh she had a shower this fast? I usually take an hr and she come sout in a few seconds time? ) sakshi asks khushi to wait as she\’ll go and check if there is enough warm water for her. Tammy is laughing; khushi asks her what\’s wrong. Tammy says “just watch it\’ll be fun”

Sakshi yells from the bathroom “WHO LEFT THIS SHOWER ON?” she comes out all wet. Tammy apologises to sakshi. Khushi goes to take a shower, tammy breaks the strap of her top and says that now she\’ll have to change her clothes. Tammy again throws the clothes on her bed and takes a dress out and requests sakshi to iron it for her. Sakshi again irons and asks tammy to change it.

Khushi asks tammy that why is she annoying CM so much? Tammy says she loves her that why. Khushi says “your spoilt because you love me so much.” Tammy asks khushi to go to CM\’s room and she\’ll be back. Tammy calls Ragini and informs her that they are in sakshi\’s room.

Vasu says that she doesn\’t trust sakshi with the kids anymore. Ragini says “you promised to give sakshi another chance, let\’s go and see how she behaves with the kids.” Sakshi is annoyed and wonders how ragini handles these kids TaShi are peeking through the door and look at sakshi asleep, the sneak into her room and tammy yells “KHUSHI KI NAYI MAMMA! Were you sleeping?” Sakshi says “you insolent kids, can\’t you knock?” Tashi are smiling the minute sakshi looks away (gosh half of the episode is gone yet no sign of anmol! don\’t tell me he is missing from today\’s episode aswell )

Tammy says that she is hungry. Sakshi says “but you just had a heavy breakfast!” tammy says “so what? My mom says the kids that grow feel hungry often. I am hungry aswell. Please make something for me. Please!” TaShi leave the room.

They are being so impatient on the dining table. Sakshi serves them food, tammy throws the food out of her mouth when she realises that it was “Lauki ki Sabzi” Vasu and Ragini are watching this from far. Sakshi tries to be patient and says \’lauki is good for health, have some.” Tammy says “No! I hate it so I won\’t eat.” Sakshi leaves. Vasu says “look at this, and she was saying that she knows this very good dish that the kids will love (it\’s hilarious the way she says it… I LOVED IT!) Ragini says “it\’s kids mummy ji, sakshi doesn\’t know the tricks.”

Sakshi brings the dish that Ragini cooked, tammy loved it and asks for more. Vasu smiles and congratulates Ragini. Sakshi says “the dish you\’re enjoying alot also is made of lauki.” (oh c\’mon I admit i don\’t eat lauki but i love kofte even though i know it\’s made of lauki…) tammy makes a disgusted face. vasu is annoyed while ragini smiles. Tammy says “whya re you cheating with me?” Sakshi says “eat if you want or starve!” vasu is shocked, ragini looks on at vasu. Khushi says “CM, tammy doesn\’t eat lauki, she\’ll starve but won\’t eat. BM will be angry.” Sakshi says “what do you want to eat?” tammy says “biscuits.” Sakshi says “well then help yourself, it\’s not like I care.” Vasu says “biscuits? For lunch?” tammy gets another one of her ideas. Sakshi gets biscuits for tammy and she says “I want the other ones.” Sakshi says “there\’s only these biscuits.” Tammy says “no there\’s more on top of the cupboard.”

Vasu and Ragini move a little forward to see what\’s happening in the kitchen. Tammy tries to reach for the container, she loosens the lid and pretends as if she can\’t reach, and when sakshi tries to grab it, the container falls on her, leaving the entire flour on top of sakshi TaShi laugh sakshi gets angry, ragini is trying to control her laugh. Sakshi chases the kids and slaps tammy. Vasu and Ragini are shocked! (I guess no expected that slap coming!) Sakshi says “you are the root of all the problems! You\’ve become the biggest hurdle in my path. There\’s no such thing called manners for you. You aren\’t a girl but a big problem. If i could i\’d lock you in a dark room forever! You are so naughty no wonder your mother prefers khushi over you. You are so selfish that you made khushi lie to aalekh so you can have you mom to yourself! You didn\’t think i wouldn\’t know would you? You forced khushi to get a new mom, so you can have you mom to yourself!” tammy says “It\’s not that, I will tell my dad everything!” Sakshi says “you\’ll tell you dad? Who? Anmol? Come with me!” sakshi takes tammy with her, ragini runs after her. Vasu hugs khushi.

Sakshi shows Ranvir\’s photo to tammy (haaye my kinnu looking damn damn hot in the pic ) and says “he is your father!” ragini is shocked! Tammy is in tears and is confused. “Anmol is your step father. Didn\’t your mom ever tell you? HE IS YOUR FATHER! His name was Ranvir!” Ragini says “what are you saying to this kid?” sakshi says “I am telling her the truth. The truth you never considered sharing. Why did you hide such a big truth:? Anmol is not even her father! HE IS HER FATHER (she puts up ranvir\’s photo right near tammy\’s face. Okay woman we get it, we\’ve seen the photo and you\’ve created a huge problem not only for youself but for the entire family) Vasu and khushi are shocked! Tammy is crying. Vasu walks in front of sakshi. “HOW DARE YOU!” vasu slaps sakshi. (wah vasu, what a slap! by the way i still don\’t on earth did sakshi find out about Ranvir? oki let\’s say she found out, but how did she know she\’ll find Ranvir, i mean Ranvir\’s photo in Ragini\’s wardrobe *scratches head*)

Precap: tammy says “khushi\’s mom is lying isn\’t she? Anmol is my father right? Not this man!” Ragini has no answer to tammy\’s questions. After tammy\’s constant asking ragini says \’Ranvir was your real father!” Vasu is crying while hugging Ranvir\’s photo (awww i guess we\’ll have an emotional scene tomorrow as the precap brought me to tears)

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