Bidaai 15th October 2010 Written Update

Guys ready for an amazing episode today? srsly it ROCKED….I was really really tired honestly and I had thought that i\’ll just update and go to sleep…but when i watched th eepisode my sleep is gone! srsly…IT WAS AMAZING!

Anmol says “you know the biggest truth in this world? It\’s that i am your papa and you are my daughter. Believe me tammy no lie can stand in front of this truth. I can see that you don\’t want to see the truth, tammy you don\’t need to leave this house. This house and family belongs to you and your mother needs you the most, if someone that needs to leave the house then it\’ll be me because you all are family while i am an outsider.” (Anmol is shattered…completely shattered.) “I always felt as if i was dreaming, but today this dream has shattered. Vasu and ragini are shocked. “Tammy didn\’t you ever see me as your father? Did you not see me as your father?” Tammy doesn\’t say anuthing. “if that\’s so then i have no reason to live in this house. Ragini I am sorry because I couldn\’t fulfil any promise that i made to ranvir you and myself. I have lost once again and now i have lost my daughter\’s love aswell.” Ragini is in tears. \’There\’s no reason for me to live in this house. If possible then please forgive me.” Vasu also has tears (gosh i am surprised to see vasu in tearsthat too for anmol!) Tammy\’s face looked like as if she will stop him for sure. Anmol is leaving, he apologises to vasundhara and says “you were always right while i was wrong. Honestly i was never capable of this family. The biggest mistake i made was taking ranvir\’s responsibility. Today I have told the entire truth to tammy now its up to her to accept me or not. But seriously it really hurts.” Vasu looks as if she is feeling guilty for ill treating anmol all these years. “today because me my daughter has to see al this. It\’s all my fault.” Vasu says “no anmol, you are not at fault, the truth is you were always right! You did alot for this family and tammy. It was me who couldn\’t see the real you. I gave you nothing, today when I realise my mistakes, I realise it\’s too late.” Anmol hugs vasu (awwwwwwwwwwww…this was something i always wanted to see, my tiredness is gone now…honestly ) Ragini is still crying. Anmol goes to khushi and says “will you take care of tammy after me?” khushi hugs him and says “no please don\’t go.” Anmol kisses khushi and is about to leave, heturns to tammy and says “I am going tammy, whether you take me as your father or not but for me you were always my daughter. You know when i will go to god then i will ask him to give me a daughter like you. If you ever need me then do call me. I just hope I have left some happy moments for you. The moments that made you feel that i was your father.” He gives her a peck and leaves. Ragini runs to stop anmol. Khushi says “tammy stop partner. He loves you alot. Please do something.” Tammy is crying. (go and stop your father tammy..please!)

Anmol is leaving when ragini calls him “Tammy ke papa please stop. Please. ANMOL!” (OMG OMG OMG…she called him anmol! This has to be the bestest episode ever!) anmol stops this instant and turns to look at ragini. (awww anmol\’s expression is priceless) anmol hugs Ragini (another imagination how did anmol manage to imagine this in such situation…i hoped it was for real) Anmol says “forgive me ragini. There was time once when i hadn\’t had any idea that i will be in your life, but my destiny brought me to you. Today when I was happy with this suddenly…suddenly I have to leave…I have to go because i can\’t handle such situations. All I want is you to be happy forever.” Vasu and khushi comes downstairs aswell. Anmol smiles, tammy too comes down stairs. Tammy remembers all her happy moments with anmol. Anmol is leaving when tammy runs to stop him. Anmol was just about to step out of the house when tammy calls out to him “PAPA!” tammy runs to him and gives him a tight hug. “Don\’t go papa please.”Ragini runs to anmol as well. “You were right papa, you were always my papa and will be my papa forever!” vasu and khushi are happy aswell. Tammy makes ragini kneel down and says “you are my mom and he is my papa. I love you both.” Family hug

Malti is in thoughts, vinu says “what are you doing? No need to rush things.” Malti says “what was the need for you to resign? Is it possible that you resignation is no approved.” Vinu says “i don\’t want to work for the people that don\’t value my emotions. I told them that you are pregnant. Now if you weren\’t pregnant then i would\’ve taken you along with me, but right now you need me the most.” Malti says “think over it again,” malti says “atleast consider mummy ji and bauji.” Vinu thinks “why aren\’t you telling me the truth malti? Now god knows for how long i have to do this drama for.” Malti says “what are you thinking now?” vinu says “malti the people that don\’t respect my emotions, i don\’t respect them.” Vinu leaves. Malti says “how much i wish i could tell you my the reason.”

Ragini is looking at ranvir\’s photo. Anmol comes there. Ragini says “Today what happend…” anmol says “it was for good. For a while i was shattered. I felt my life was completely shattered and now i feel as if I\’ve just come to from an examination room. An exam that i had no answer for, an exam where one side was my life and the other was a lifeless life. But see i\’ve passed.” Ragini looks ranvir\’s photo and then at anmol and says “Ranvir did the right thing by selecting you. Today you are a member of the family I am very happy that tammy and mummy ji have accepted you.” Anmol says “even i am happy, but you know the biggest reason for me to be happy? For the first time i\’ve heard you call out my name and for the first time i liked my name and the reason is you saying it. One more thing i realised is that my i do have my own place in your life somewhere.” It ends on ragini. (aaye haaye lage raho anmol, lage raho…aaj Ragini ki zubaan pe naam aaya hai…kal I Love You bhi bolegi… Gosh ab monday kab aayega…*sanju becomes impatient*)

Precap: aalekh is planning some surprise along with TaShi and AnGini. Sakshi over hears and i guess she wants to reveal that aalekh works.

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