Bidaai 18th October 2010 Written Update

Sc1:Anmol and ragini\’s bedroom

Ragini tells Anmol that don\’t embarrass me by saying that I took your name since lots of memories have been associated with your name. Thats the reason why I didn\’t take yourname. I know I have done injustice to you since so many years and you have always been helpful to me and taken care of things..All the relationships related to me you have fulfilled beautifully and she tells thanks to him (thats all she does )

Anmol then continues ” Well since you have started this conversation can i expect that i will remain Anmol to you or will you call me Tammy kay papa and she smiles and is about to love when he calls her and she stops and then he tells her that now that Saakshi\’s problme is also sloved( no my baby Anmol not yet ) So then he is about to say something and she says mai abhi athi hoon and is leaving the bachha party Tashi come there..
Tammana goes to Anmol and says “Papa Kushi and I thought of something and they whisper into Anmol\’s ears and then tammy says its only three of us and not mama!!:
So Ragini tells I am also going out and she is abt to leave Anmol stops her, and then goes to the cupboard and gets a gift for ragini and tells her that she is a wonderful mom for his daughter and gives her the gift.. Ragini is surprised and Tammy Kushi say wow!!
Ragini is looking at it and Tammy and Kushi tell Ragini to open the box.

Tammy asks Ragini to open it quickly, Kushi also wants to see what partner brought for you, They help her open it and she sees a beautiful necklace, Tammy and Kushi tells Anmol that its beautfuil and the color also matches to her necklace, Then Anmol asks weither it wil suit her so Kushi tells that she will look like a queen in it. Anmol says o queen and asks Kushi Tammy to give it to Ragini and lets do what we have planned.
Kushi tells ragini that she should wear the saree and then jewlllary and then come down. Ragini is reluctant but then Kushi asks her to do it.Tammy is happy to and they are leaving and Anmol stops and sees Ragini looking at the gift gioes close to her and tells her that I hope you like the earings and he leaves..

Sc2:Saakshi Room:Vasu comes there and looks around and then opens the door to see the things, Ragini also comes to the room and tells that Saakshi is not there and has left. Ragini tells Vasu that if all of us are united in this house we can make sure that no evil intensions are in the house and tahts what my father used to tell me and we can follow that and be happy. Any thunderstorm in our lives can be overcome if we are united, but i would like to thank Saakshi that because of her today Alekh , Kushi, Tammy and Tammy kar papa have come togather.. Vasu tells that since you are Sharmaji\’s daughter even in bad things you search for good intentions.

Ragini then continues that I wonder where Saakshi is , I am still worried abt her.vasu tells her that i am not bothered where she has gone and what she is doing. She tells Ragini not to bother about her and also please pack her bags and send it off.

Sc3:Sharma residence: All are sitting in the hall, Venu comes there and tells Malthi to go get some coffee, then he asks his father that what is more important in ones life? Sharma ji says his parivaar and that people who respect him and he gives them the same thing, Malthi comes there and says that money is also important, so for taht Sharma ji a person will be happy with what he has excess is not required, Then Malthi asks that people should\’nt stay at home and not go for work, so to that venu says thats if teh work is somthing which will keep you away from your house then, so Kaushi says that then one should never leave family and go, Malthi is upset about it and she walks off, Kaushi asks why did Malthi walk off
Venu tells that he and malthi are having a small game and now your both have answered our questions and my win is sure.. So Sharma ji asks what is all this and Kuahsi says its new generation and its their personal thing so lets not interfere,

Malthi goes running to the Kitchen and is crying !

Sc4:kitchen scene :Anmol is in the kitchen and kids are sitting at the dinning table and Anmolis saying that today chef Anmol is going to show you how to cut an apple and the girls giggle, As he starts doing it Ragini comes there all decked up, She looks beautiful and Anmol can\’t take his eyes of her and keeps staring at her and cuts through his hand .
He gets a nice big cut Ragini comes there and tells him that he was acting like a kid and he has cut his hand, And hse hold his hand at the same time Tashi look and smile and Kushi takes the camera phone and is clicking their picture, Vasu also comes there and she smiles, They (Angini) leave each others hand and look at the girls who just cliked a picture of them both, Then Ragini asks them what they are doing in the kitchen, Anmol is indicating them not to tell but Kushi tells her that we are making a fruit cake for you , and Vasu smiles and Anmol is like banda foot gaya and then Ragini says ok I have also got a plan and then she tells you both dress up and come and then I hvae a plan and its a secret game from myside also.

So then She looks at Anmol and tells him also to go and get ready and Anmol says as you command madam !! and they leave Anmol and Tashi to be stopped by Vasu and Tammy asks vasu to join us but she says no you all enjoy and they leave.
Ragini comes close to vasu and Vasu smiles looking at Ragini and touches her cheeks.

Sc5:On the road infront of RHSaakshi standing outside and talking to herself and telling that I wish Anmol is thrown out of the house (High hopes babes) and then i will enjoy seeing Ragini\’s upset face.. Why is Anmol not thrown out of the houseI will make sure that Tammy will also be a child without a father, Then she touches her stomatch and tells herself that i will make sure that you get a father and i will convince Vasu rajvansh that your father is Alkeh only. She is about to leave when the kids come out excited, Saakshi turns around to see Angini and Taashi.. Kushi stops and sees that she feels that Saakshi is around somewhere, but Tammana tells Kushi not to worry and your new mom will never return, mama and I have set everything.
Saakshi is hearing all this behind a car.

Ragini goes to them and asks whats happening, Tammana asks her where they were going, then Ragini tells that they are going to meet Alkeh,we\’ll go for the party then, They drive away. Saakshi follows them.

Sc 6:Icecream parlour All come to the icrcream parlour, Anmol and Tammy sit down while Kushi tells Ragini that papa will be on duty right now, and Tammy and partner dose\’nt know, So ragini says lets all share the scret . Then Ragini calls out to Alkeh jiyaji and Anmol and tammy also see him , Anmol is shocked, and Tammy says Alkeh chachu here, He goes towards them and she tells ragini this was suppose to be a secret between us then why did you bring everyone along Then Ragini tells Alkeh that we are family and we can keep the secret and we are happy for you and proud of you. Anmol tells that today Saakshi is out of teh house so we are celebrating(I found that so funny !!) and we want to celebrate with you..
Then Ragini says thats kids are sensible and will keep the secret and only 5 of us will keep it with us only. Alkeh asks a promise from them all that to keep this a secret. They all will keep it safe.

Saakshi hears all this and thinks so Alkeh\’s mandir is this and Ragini knew it still kept it from vasu[Basically her next plan is cooking up]

Sc 7:Vasu, Kaushi conversation RH and Sharma residence:
Vasu walking down the corridoor is talking to Kaushi and Ragini was always right and I did mistake in knowing Saakshi and realizing she was a big threat. Kaushi tells Vasu that now things are put and its gods grace that it has happened. Vasu then adds that Ragini is a gift for this house and Kaushi says yes its her Fraz and vasu says yes thast true and she also praises Anmol[Wah !! Vasu Aap tho kamaal hai !!] Kaushi is happy , And then Vasu adds that I am really greatful to Anmol also,Kushi adds that give Anmol the same love and affection you gave Ranveer[WOW Kushi tum nay Kya khe dala] Vasu also acknowledges telling her you have always told the right have always supported things.
Kushi says that I will inform Sharma ji everything, but Vasu tells her not to do it now. Kushi hangs up saying ok.

Guddi comes with a mail for vasu, Vasu looks at it and reads that its a sonography report and its got all the information and the fathers name is Alkeh on the report. Vasu is shocked that Saakshi is pregnant.

Precap: RH living room: vasu tells Anmol and Ragini that she got Saakshi back in the house since she is carrying Alekh\’s Ansh !!(Child)Saakshi is smirking happily

Please forgo my mistakes.I have written to my best . Check the video

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