Laagi Tujhse Lagan 19th October 2010 Written Update

Kya episode tha aaj dinchak wala afte 2 weeks looks like the channel and cvs got a kick on their you know what\’s Isiliye tasha are back to raking our screens but lookat my kismet wasn\’t there for the live update should have been if some people has insisted for me To come and see their new place I was like I can\’t i have somethig imp at 4 o\’clock but why would they listen to me grrr
Accha so we had the first tasha scene couldn\’t see pat the top undone button on his kurta bit when I saw again I gotit I only have two words for thi wah wah kya lagta hain dutta gusse mein and kya decisions leta hain wah wah nazar na lage an isse Aur gussa aye lol!
Then we have Babi throwing gannet out looks like she found about as and him and as khush khabri and then ganpat apologising to as for drinkig. Seriously that just proves something I hapenonh between two mirrrors tashas relationship. There nakku tells dutta not to drink here as tells ganpat not to drink kuch ghadbad hain can I just say I only like dutta usig that balcony to spy on nakku not on he family
Then comes the sister and brother catch up over a couple of drinks I wasn\’t listening but it mut be he same I love you my brother who\’s father murdered my father and as a result o never got to play with dolls hence I have thi word obsession with dolls now I was looking at ashka instead she looks really good I like the new hairstyle Isi Baat pe ek wah wah ho jaye wah wah!
Then came nakku looking for dutta but seeing him with his sister walks away good girl I\’m sure you felt insulted enough for a day didnt want to gt more insulted. So she goes back to the room goes Ito fb mode though If I was her I would be what the he\’ll I\’m going to wear tomorrow cause there are no clothes in the room and oh yeah the small matter of her skin colour and how shes going to hide that
then she senses his presence Which I love ofthese two wah wah though reminds me of the whole Srk and jaya bachan connection in k3g sees him asleep Gaddha chance pe dance karne ka mauka mil Gaya woh bhi Gaya and our nakku comes with a shawl to keep him warm. Please someone teach nakku survival 101 that the best way to keep someone warm is providing them with your body heat instead shawl de Diya bewaqoof she needs t realise for evolution and to survive she also err needs to reproduce someone please give her a biology lesson then she went and sat at the door at least sit next to the chair at leastthen some of his body heat would come to you. Then he wakes up sees the shawl and the only person who would care enough to do this for him comes to mind first nakku *sighs* I love it then there\’s he whole talk of your destiny being in your hands nakuu lecturing away and dutta staring away And then epi khatam and a tasha precap where nakku has to kill he Romance by mentioning her sasur seriously both these Gaddha need a romance lesson or two *sighs* one sleeps and the other mentions DP
Ahhh finally after a drag fest of 2 weeks ltl is back and rocking woh tasha dhinchak dinchak! And there\’s only one perpson I would like to thank and that is kala because I have noticed wheneve she is around the story picks up. And since she\’s come eveyrtime we have a dutta and kala scene. It\’s followed by a beautiful tashA scenes wah wah so I say bring on the kala and dutta scenes and seriously dutta needs to stop just calling nakku his patni and make her is patni either way I mean marriage or ermm you know LOL! I wonder what the pandit at he Ganesh Pooja would think if he saw this heart attack na ho jaye that\’s all my bak bak for aaj hopefully o shall be there co the live update I miss them and passing um sarcastic comments! and baji looks so nice nwoadays without a puppy trailing around him muhahahahaha

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