Laagi Tujhse Lagan 4th November 2010 Written Update

Tasha scene from yesterday and Naku says\’ I know u hate lies and betrayal\’ and Dutta replies \’Sometimes

its better to not know the truth \’.Naku is a little stunned .Then Dutta says \’

Yr father stole yr jewellery \’Tell me how wud u have felt .\’

Dutta remembers the

Gambling scene of him nd his father Damodar and says \’If yr own father turns

Nikamma what can u do abt the hurt u get frm that , Jewellery doesn\’t matter

cause u can get it back ..but what abt the love nd trust

Naku says \’I told Aai

that baba cant do this but I felt ashamed \’.Dutta says this disrespect and this

hurt given by our fathers will be left behind \’and Dp is out of mylife and have

moved on ..someday yr father will realize and that the hurt of not doing yr

kanyadaan might hurt him somewhere and help him realize

Next day everyone is

selecting stuff to wear on the wedding day and Diwali and Madhu selects a

sherwani for Dutta and asks AS abt it \’AS tells her to ask Dutta himself \’Madhu

hesitant seeing Dutta\’s expressions.Leela and Roops enjoying Madhu\’s plight .AS

asks Dutta to speak but then asks dutta to wear it for Dhanteras.Roops says

select something for the D Day as well

Dutta picks up one

sherwani and looks for Naku and then

begins the Ankhon h Ankhon mein Ishaara ho gayaa moment With Dutta putting the

Sherwani in front of him and asking Naku for approval \’Naku says No \’and dutta

says \’AS iska Collar isn\’t ok\’ and AS says\’Wah iski shaadi kya fix ho gayi \’dutta

has changed \’.Leela chips in by saying \’Since when have u started noticing

collars\’ .Kishore joins the fun as well n says\’ kisi ke pyaar ke jadoo ka asar

hai\’ and selects one piece and brngs t ssaying\’Bhao iska collar aur sab kuch

theek hi lag raha hai\’

Dutta puts that one

and asks Naku and she rejects it and AS is like \’iska bhi collar thik nahin hai

\’ .Duttagets another royal blue sherwani and asks Naku AS spots the game and

see\’s Naku approving of it and says to Dutta \’this one is good right and ye

kise pasand aaya hai let me also know of that \’ and calls Naku and asks her to

select stuff for Dutta

Babi signals to baji that she wants to see him and

tells him abt Ganpat and Kala and the truth fiasco that was abt to happen

yesterday night .Baji reassures her and tells Babi to tell the truth before

anyone else does , babi asks him to take care of Kala and keep an eye on her till

I tell Naku to tell the truth .Baji says he\’ll try and asks Babi to take care

of Ganpat

Kala in her room remembering

Ganpats words and Baji arrives and says why always wrong happens with Bhao and

kala s like what worries u know and brings u here .Baji is like I am not

worried this time cause Naku is with Bhao and only good things happen with good

people but she is a little ill fated and talks ill of Ganpat and says he cant

be trusted .Kala doubts Baji and his intentions and when he is leaving she says

Like u trust me hop I can trust u and that u r not part of ne one\’s game \’

.Baji says \’Yes tai\’ and leaves and Kala says \’ Asteen ka Saanp when Bhao knows

the truth his heart shall break\’

Puja taking place and

tasha looking at each other while Baji admiring Madhu .Kala staring at Naku ,AS

looking as Tasha , Roops looking at Baji \’..wonder puja mein kiska dhyaan hai

(I missed the bt here cause the videos are hard to find today will add as i see it )

Ganpat in his sleep

blurts out that Babi is yr real enemy \’.babi is listening to all and then he

wakes up and tries to hit Babi cause she brought him back \’babi tells him why

ruin yr daughters life but ganpat is not listening and is abt to hit her when he falls on the bed bec of his

alcoholic state.Babi is like he shud not wake up only and goes out n locks the

door with ganpat inside .Kala see\’s this and epi ends

Precap- Diwali party

and a new entry

Sorry abt the errors at work u see …and i missed some bits cause the videos are hard to find today will edit and add once i find a proper video

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