Rajat gets a call frm Soumya
Priya comes to knw that Soumya is Rishabhs wife
Soumya informs Ayesha abt Ram
Pihu n Priya convo in the hospital…Priya tells pihu that Ram is her papa
Maamaji tells Ayesha that Rajat wants to marry priya
Daijaa n Cady come to the hospital
Rajat tells Daijaa the truth n Cady confused when Pihu tells Ram is her Papa
Ayesha knw that Priya had admitted him to the hospital
Soumya talks to Priya
Ayesha talks to the media n Priya sees this
Soumya and Ayesha has a talk
Ram gains consciousness n finds Soumya there
he asks abt priya n who got him to the hospital
no one answers him
Ayesha n Maamaji convo in the car

Detailed update will be posted later

PRECAP: Priya puts her hand on ram’s forehead n he opens his eyes n say priya but Priya puts her finger on his lip



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