Sulochna is at the Teerat yatra .Archana calls her and tells her that Purvi has come to Mumbai .She tells her mother not to worry about Purvi and continue with her Yatra .
Archana is working in the kitchen , Purvi comes to help . Archana asks her if there is any friction between her and Onir regarding Ovi’s condition .Purvi tells her mother that everything is fine and Onir is a caring husband .
Archana can sense something wrong so she tells Purvi that she wants Purvi to only think about herself and not sacrifise her happiness for anyone at all because she is happy after a long time .She tells Purvi never to fight with Onir for anyone .
Purvi tells Archana that she is not fighting with her husband but there is some minor issue and soon Onir will come to Mumbai to her as he cannot be without her for long . She promises Archana that she will not let anyone effect her life this time .Archana tells Purvi that she feels happy to see so much love between Purvi and her husband .Purvi says that it is not love but understanding and she and Onir are friends first and husband wife later .
Archana says that this is how it happens usually between a couple , they have understanding and later it develops in love …

Archana calls Purvi and Ovi to come at the dining table . She happily starts serving them nice things to eat .She has made Purvi’s favourite Gobhi parathas and ladoos ..She gives both girls their lunch and makes sure that they are eating it …gives Ovi a glass of milk as well. Purvi gets emotional and tells Archana that she never gave her birth and she never kicked her like a baby kicks their mother when they are in her stomach …Archana tells her that she was not born from Archana but the love that she gave her mother as a daughter has made her as precious as her biological daughters and Purvi will forever be a part of Archana ..
Ovi and Savita are both listening to this .Savita is feeling very happy to see this loving scene but Ovi is feeling disturbed and is looking a bit jealous .

Onir is talking to a couple , in his clinic .He tells the husband to make sure his wife is taking medicines on time as she is pregnant .He remembers Purvi who always used to forget taking her medicines .He tells this man to make sure that his wife gets love care and affection .

Purvi is in her room , unpacking her things .Teju comes and tells her not to work at all .She makes Purvi sit and tells her that she used to think that Purvi was coming between Arjun and Ovi but the way Purvi gave up her lovce for Ovi was something incredible …Teju says that even she would not have been able to do what Purvi did for Ovi ..Teju kisses Purvi’s hands …Both Purvi and Teju are crying a lot …
Teju says that now she can understand the feeling of being apart from someone you love because she is also in love …

Onir’s friend comes to see him at his clinic . Onir tells him that he and Purvi had a fight as he refused to treat Purvi’s sister .He says that he is very firm about his professional decisions and does not like being forced to do something …His friend says that Purvi was only asking for her sister to get the right treatment and Onir shoulde done this because Ovi is Purvi’s sister .Onir says that Purvi does not understands the reason why he is saying No …He gives his friend some medicines for Purvi and tells him to send them to her in Mumbai through courier service .

Purvi finds a religeous book in her bag .She thinks about Onir who once told her that she should read this book because it would help her to be peaceful and spiritual …and that would be a good thing for her baby and also for her …
Ovi comes i nthe room and gets angry that her wardrobe is full of Purvi’s clothes now .Purvi quickly takes out al lher clothes as she does not wants to make Ovi angry .Teju comes in the room with glasses of milk for both her sisters .She makes them drink milk . Ovi takes an album out which she always keeps with herself .It has pictures of her and Arjun since they were little kids .Teju and Ovi start talking about how much Arjun used to care about Ovi when they were little kids …Purvi is quietly listening to this ( she looks a bit sad ) . Teju wants to show the pictures to Purvi but Ovi stops her …
Teju changes the topic and starts talking about Sunny .Both Purvi and Ovi get excited and they forget the awkward feeling that was between them .The ystart grilling Teju about Sunny and want to know how she will handle savita in this issue ..Tej usays that her parents will help her . Ovi says that one day Teju will come to them ( Purvi and herself ) for help in her love life .. Both Ovi and Purvi happily look at each other and suddenly Ovi realizes what she is doing and becomes quiet .
Savita comes in and tells the girls that there is satyanarayan Pooja for the girls at home .Savita calls Arjun and tells him that Ovi is not feeling well and she is asking for Arjun to come immediately .Arjun gets worried then Savita tells him that she was joking and there is a pooja at home and he should be sitting next to Ovi in the Puja . Arjun agrees to come .

Purvi tells Ovi not to put nail paint as the chemicals in it are not good for the baby . Ovi gets annoyed , tells Purvi to mind her business. Savita gives the girls green coloured sarees to wear for the pooja .Ovi does not likes the colour and she starts questioning Savita how long she has to sit in the pooja for . Savita gets angry with Ovi and tells her to do the pooja with dedication and stop asking such questions .An angry Ovi says that no one cares for her in this house …

Pooja is about to start .Arjun and Manav are also in the room .Purvi comes out wearing the green saree. Archana tells her that she is looking very nice. Both Purvi and Arjun look at each other . Teju and Sachin are squabbling over the decorations of the room .
Ov is getting ready in the room .Instead of the green saree which she was supposed to wear , she wore a pink saree .She is looking for her earings but cannot find them .When she comes out , Archana is taken back to see her in pink saree .they all settle down for the pooja .
The pooja starts . Arjun is sitting next to Ovi but Purvi is also sitting near by .He looks at Purvi and she looks back .They both are looking at each other and Ovi sees this …Ovi gets very angry and she gets up . Archana tells Ovi to sit but Ovi accuses Purvi of stealing and says that Purvi took what belonged to her without her permission .
Manav , Archana and Arjun are asking Ovi to stop being silly and insulting Purvi but Ovi is adamant that Purvi was stealing her things as she is also staying i nthe same room ..Arjun looks very angry and tells Ovi to stop her nonsense but Purvi says that Ovi is telling the truth.Everyone looks shocked to hear Purvi says this ..

Precap : Manav is in his room and talking to Purvi and Archana .He is saying that Soham is not telling truth as he does not trusts Soham .He says that Soham was raised by a man like Balan who was capable of putting a bomb in his house so how can he trust Soham and for sure Soham has not changed at all there has to bne some other reason behind this change …



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