Episode starts with Khushi said herself she will stop their laddo’s delivery..Khushi phone calls her servents and orders soon finish the work ..Prem calls Simar and said that the tempo came there and put all the boxes into it..Maushiji happily said that they prepared 10 000 so sweet laddo’s at a correct time…At that time Simar get a call from Dayanaji and she replied soon they delivered laddos…Khushi hearing all these from upstairs and said herself , she wont let her win.

In the room Veeru thought Roli’s words and phoned to someone..and said to prepar all property papers to changed to his name from Kushi’s name with clearly..At that moment he saw Khushi i stands back on him and shocked..Khushi asked him about the phone call…But he convinced her ..

Khushi believed him and said to stop bhardwaj Families laddo’s delivery..But Veeru refushed her and said that this work not give any benifit to him so he not done this and went out…

Khushi shocked on Veeru’s reply …Then she take Veeru’s phone and call a person and said her plan..

Mathaji and all pray Matharani ..Out of home all finished loading the packing of laddo’s into the tempo..Prem get blessing from Mathaji to go to deliver..Mathaji blessed him and Simar said to Prem to take care..Prem get in the tempo and went…Simar thought that soon all turns well..

Mathaji saw Uma and Pari are so tired.. Mathaji praised all bahus and said to take rest..All went into home..Roli slip on her legs because of over tiredness..Mathaji said her to take rest ..Khushi came there and said Roli to do all household works with others…Mathaji and Simar opposed that…But Roli agreed it happily and said that she get happy to work with her family..Khushi ordered all to finish thier works soon and went out..Mathaji said Roli to go to bed..But she refushed..

All done works in the hall… Veeru seeing all these and he dont like Roli should work for Khushi…He called Roli with low voice..But Roli not listen it..Simar just noticed Veeru..Then Veeru went to upstairs and try to call Roli in phone..He noticed Khushi’s call to goone in his phone.Then he decided to say this to Roli..He said himself because of this, Roli believed his love and accept his love surely…

Veeru calls Roli so many times but she cut it …Veeru messaged her,’ important work ,come to terrace quickly’..Mausiji came there..Roli told about Veeru’s message… Mausiji happily said that they will win their plan and said her to go to terrace..

Roli met Veeru on terrace ..Roli asked Veeru that why he called her..But Veeru asked about her health ..Roli replied him that she is good now…Veeru said to Roli that always she had doubt on his love so now he proves how much he loves her…

Veeru said that Khushi had planned to stop their laddo’s delivery and she sent some goones to stop their tempo …Roli shocked on hearing this..

Precap: In the road crossing police enquir driver..Prem came near to the police and said that why they stop the tempo…On back some one drive the tempo on opposite side …Prem shockingly saw that…



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