the epi starts with naksh doing pooja ten all the other couples ll also do & pandit ji says to distribute prasad to everyone ga3 comes forward to do but he says it ll be good if tis work is done by akshara ten akshara ll distribute prasad to everyone & naitik takes it & leave from tere mohit asks rashmi where did naitik go she says he may be in his room…. naitik is sitting in his room doing some work with his laptop he sees mohit & asks wat is he doing here mohit asks wat he doing here all guests & family members r @ the down & y is he sitting alone here mohit asks wat has happened to him he was soo silient today & was not talking to anybody & he suddenly came to his room & asks is everything alright or not ten naitik tels yes mohit is right & he shd be with al the guests & tels he ll come down in 2 mins mohit stops him & tels he cant hide his problems with him he no\’s everything is not alright he was observing tat naksh were staying seperated from family he says he ll not insist him to tel anything but he no\’s tat tere is some problem naitik tels everything wat happened to mohit & he gets shocked after hearing tis……. ga3 tels rashmi to go & get ready for tilak akshara asks ga3 is tere any work to do but she rufuses her to do any work she keeps on asking so ga3 she now they dont need to pretend as nobody is seeing tem she asks akshara tat did they do darshan of bholenath properly she says yes & says they dint c tem ga3 interrupts between & says if they wanted to do the darshan with her family then they would never ristrict tem to do so if she woud ve told earlier ten they wouldn\’t ve waited for tem akshara wants to tel the truth but she doesnt hear to akshara & leaves from tere akshara starts crying(iske alava ise aur kuch aata hai kya)………

varsha gets irritated wen savita forces her to drink juice she says to dadi tat she is feeling something different & gets up & starts walking in the room dhaniya says in her village wen some is going to give birth they al ll sing song for her so dadi asks her to sing she starts singing la laa laaa(godddddd ab yeh hi baaki reh gaya tha) ten dadi & varsha also joins her……here ga3 & bm were busy doin some work by tat time some women comes & says she ll leave now ga3 stops her & says to leave after sometime as they r doing tilak ceremony for rashmi rajshree hears tis & gets shocked ga3 asks tat lady to give blessings to rashmi & ten leave ga3 tels gulabo to get something akshara comes & says she has already brought she tels her tat she ll help her but ga3 ignores her & tels nandini to help rashmi to get ready rajshree comes & tels akshara to help rashmi to get ready & akshara leaves rajshree signals vish & asks him to come…

naitik asks whether akshara is alright & asks sorry as he was bit rude in the morg for razor matter(awww he is sooo sweet)she tels tat he has found razor & he asks y is she not able to find(keeping his hands on his face) he says he is seeing ga3 bit angry she says she is angry on tem coz she feels they purposely didnt do pooja wih tem she thinks tat naksh wanted to do pooja with akshi\’s family & not with tem naitik says tat they said no tat they searched tem but they didnt find akshara tels now they ve taught tat they didnt want to do pooja with tem & they ll not understand how much even they tel they shd not ve done pooja only naitik says now he doesnt understand wat to do & wat not to do no one is understanding & today no one was talking to him for the first time he was feeling like guests in his home by tat time someone calls hom & akshara says she shd also go to help rashmi while going her earing ll fall naitik stops her & shows it she tries to take but naitik stops & puts it by himself(best scene of todays epi)…….
mohit says to nandini tat no one is happy & naitik also seems to be very upset & asks how did sepeation happened y didnt they stop it naksh did tis only to help tem she says they tried to stop dj very much but he didnt listen to anyone akshara also asked sorry & ga3 also cried but mohit interrupts & says they r angry with naksh coz they were responsible for tere marriage he says nandini tat she shd ve said tat its tere decision & naksh only supported tem tere is no mistake of naitik & alshara in tis he asks didnt they c happiness in each other or dj was right in saying tat they made a mistake he asks her tat is she regretting on tis decision cant they live together here after he asks her tat wat she has decided…….akshara says rashmi tat from now onwards she shd wear sari & dont so how she ll manage she says rashmi tat she is looking very gud nandini also comes & says tat she is looking gud akshi asks rashmi tat now she is happy or not she says she had no sister but after marriage she got teo sis\’s one younger & one elder & she doesnt need anything rashmi says thank u to akshara & hugs her………

naitik & mohit also comes to rashmi\’s room mohit says rashmi tat wat is tis she is looking vey gud & al starts laughing naitik says she is really looking vry nice rashmi says ten al the credit goes to akshara coz she only helped her to get ready ten mohit says tat al the credit goes to naitik tat if he has not brought such a nice bhabhi ten she would ve not looked gud today naitik asks her to say thank u but nandini says she should thank akshara for selecting naitik & rashmi says thank u to akshara for liking her brother naitik asks akshara to come with him to room as he wanted to show something which he has brought for rashmi…… dj asks mahaj ji to get him water mohit hears tis & gets water for him he asks mohit tat wat has he decided did he speak with nandini abt tis he says he never had complaints abt nandini she has asked for some time to think so he ll wait he says wat ever has happened is not bcoz of others but tere thoughts only didnt match & he tels he ll handle it……. vish comes & asks y did she call him she says today tere is rashmi\’s tilak ceremony also he gets shocked hearing tis & no one told tem abt tis he thinks whether dj doesnt want tem to stay here…..


rajshree asks akshara whether they ve enquired properly abt nikhil or not akshara says they ve done ten she says tis rishta is not gud for rashmi akshara gets shocked hearing tis……….



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